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Introduction to Bishop’s Stortford College

When talking about top-performing independent co-ed UK Schools, Bishop’s Stortford College comes to mind. It is big enough to offer extraordinary opportunities and small enough for everybody to feel familiar and important. This UK boarding school is fortunate to have a beautifully serene, sizeable and secured area that is near the countryside whilst being accessible to the market town centre by foot. You can access Bishop’s Stortford College by car, train or plane as it is very near to London or Cambridge.

Thirst for Learning

Bishop’s Stortford College focuses on making sure that each student is given the care and attention needed to improve confidence and inclination to learn. Each one is motivated, taught and tested to reach his utmost potential across all syllabus. Current accomplishments at A-level have placed Bishop’s Stortford College on the top 100 independent school and as a top 10 educational boarding school in the UK.

More than Just Academics

Whilst academics are the priority, Bishop’s Stortford College believes in holistic learning and because of this, it is full of opportunities outside the lecture room. The assortment of choices is remarkable. Its vigorous and groundbreaking hubs for music, drama, and arts are highly reputable and the school also relish a victorious record in sports at both the regionals and nationals.

All in One College

Students from 4 years of age can enroll in the Pre-Prep and Preparatory School whilst those between 7 and 13 years old can attend either day or boarding school. Though each has its own unique learning environments, they share the same campus making everybody a part of a bigger school community. Bishop’s Stortford College offers a considerable variety of facilities, teaching staff and opportunities that are common to most UK boarding schools for these age category. Students are readied into Senior School at age 13+ assuring an easy progression.

Stortford Community

Most of Senior School and Prep School boarders spend the majority of their lives in Stortford Houses. Each house has a strong feeling of camaraderie with a high value on responsibility, self-reliance, and reciprocal respect. The variation in cultures and backgrounds broadens horizons and elevate everybody living in the community.

Day and Boarding School Structure

The Bishop’s Stortford College community has a mixture of day pupils, full boarders, weekly boarders and flexi-boarders in its population. The school’s intention is to be as versatile as possible within its means. It starts at whichever point is acceptable to you, your child and your family.
Around 50 students in Prep School, mostly from the age of nine, and 170 in Senior School plus a handful of international students board bringing Bishop Stortford’s boarding population at 220.
Given the diversification in the school, there is a great opportunity to bring different people from all walks of life, learning from each other and building relationships.

Centre of Excellence

From Stevenage to the west and the coast to the east, Cambridge to the north and Epping to the south, day school students at Bishop’s Stortford College come from a rather vast area. Most of its UK boarders are coming from areas like Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, and London.
Around 50 to 60 international students grace the school every year majority in Senior School. A somewhat less significant number of students aged 10 or 11 join Prep School. These international students are coming from different countries including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Estonia, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and UAE and other parts of the world.

Entrance Requirements: 

Our entry procedure can be summarised in 5 steps: Initial enquiry and visit; Application; Assessment; Offer of a place; Acceptance of a place. Further details of these are available, by section of the College, in the menu on the left. Main Entry Points Pre-Prep School 4+ Reception Prep School 7+, 10+ and 11+ Years 3, 6 and 7 Senior School 13+ Year 9 for GCSE courses Sixth Form 16+ Year 12/Sixth Form for A Level courses We will, of course, consider children for entry to other year groups, if places are available.

Scholarships & Bursaries: 

Through the Bishop's Stortford College scholarship programme, we aim to foster and celebrate excellence. Scholarships are awarded to candidates who show outstanding talent, based on ability and potential.
Scholarship Awards
10+/Year 6 entry - Academic and Music
11+/Year 7 entry - Academic, Music, Art and Sport
13+/Year 9 - Academic, Music, Art and Sport
16+/Sixth Form entry - Academic, Music, Art and Sport
Age categories for candidates
    Year Group Age*
10+ Form 2 Year 6 10 years
11+ Lower Third Year 7 11 years
13+ Fourth Form Year 9 13 years
16+ Lower Sixth Year 12 16 years
*Age on 1st September of the year of entry 

Place in top 100: 


For Pre-Prep please use CM23 4BT
For Prep please use CM23 2PH
For College Reception (No. 10) please use CM23 2PJ or for School House Drive/Swimming Pool, please use CM23 2PQ
For the Doggart Pavilion please use CM23 2RU
10 Maze Green Rd,
Bishop's Stortford,
CM23 2PJ

At Bishop’s Stortford College, we endeavour to keep extras to a minimum so that family budgeting is as straightforward as possible. For this reason, lunches, textbooks, stationery, accommodation and laundry (for boarders) and EAL/ EFL (for international students) are all included in the fees, rather than charged as extras.
Fees are due by the first day of term. For UK bank account holders, the required method of payment is by Direct Debit. Direct Debit payees will be notified of the payment date on the invoice issued at the end of the term prior. Any changes to method of payment must be given to the Fees Desk/Finance Manager at least 2 weeks prior to this payment date.
Parents who wish to make regular monthly installments for fees, rather than a whole termly bill, should click the link below for School Fee Plan.
The College have partnered with Western Union to enable overseas parents to pay fees by international bank transfer in USD, EUR, HKD, CNY & over 25 other currencies.

School Fees: 2018 - 2019
(with effect from 1st September 2018)
Reception Day Pupils £3,030 per term Year 1 Day Pupils £3,074 per term Year 2 Day Pupils £3,089 per term
Prep School
Shell (Years 3 and 4)
Day Pupils £4,678 per term Weekly Boarders £7,034 per term UK Full Boarders £7,109 per term Overseas Boarders £7,428 per term Forms 1 and 2, Lower and Upper 3rd (Years 5 to 8)
Day Pupils £5,243 per term Weekly Boarders £7,637 per term UK Full Boarders £7,714 per term Overseas Boarders £8,034 per term
Senior School
4th Form, Lower and Upper 5th (Years 9 to 11)
Day Pupils £6,554 per term Weekly Boarders £10,076 per term UK Full Boarders £10,176 per term Overseas Boarders £10,580 per term
Sixth Form
Lower and Upper 6th (Years 12 and 13)
Day Pupils £6,613 per term Weekly Boarders £10,137 per term UK Full Boarders £10,237 per term Overseas Boarders £10,641 per term
The following per week flexi-boarding fees will be charged at the following rates termly in arrears:
£68 for 1 night £116 for 2 nights £175 for 3 nights £232 for 4 nights
Music Fees
Course of ten half-hour lessons £195 Musical instrument hire charge £52 per term
Learning Support £265 per term
Late Stay (Pre-Prep/Shell only) £8.65 per day Early Stay (Pre Prep only) £5.40 per day
Application Fee £75
Payable at Acceptance
Pre Prep Prep Senior
Acceptance Fees (including £250 deposit) £1,500 £900 £900 Additional Deposit (overseas boarders only) n/a £7,600 £10,100
At Bishop’s Stortford College, we endeavour to keep extras to a minimum so that family budgeting is as straightforward as possible. For this reason, accommodation and laundry (for boarders), EAL/EFL (for international students), lunches, stationery and textbooks are all included in the fees, rather than charged as extras.
Please note that due to the variety on offer, and their various charges, external examination fees are added on an individual basis to the fees for the term in which the examination is taken.
Payment options
Fees are payable by direct debit unless advance payment is arranged through the College Finance Manager.
The College will accept payment through Child Care Vouchers (CCVs) or the Government Tax Free Childcare (TFC) for allowable costs which most usually are:
• all of the fees in the year in which the child is 5 years old.
• boarding up to the end of the year in which the child is 15 (12 for TFC).
• late stay and after school sports in the Pre Prep.
• late stay in Shell (years 3 and 4).
A financial advisor will be able to give you the best advice on the purchase of the vouchers.
If CCVs are used we will adjust your direct debit amounts given sufficient notice to do so.

Boarding at Bishop's Stortford College is about fun, friendship and feeling at home, or so our boarders tell us! Parents, on the other hand, often tell us how much they appreciate the caring, family atmosphere and seeing their children grow in independence and maturity, learning to think of others and taking responsibility. 
The College community is a blend of full, weekly and flexi-boarders (those who board up to 3 nights a week), and day pupils.  Boarding options are available from the age of 7 and we aim to be as flexible as possible within our available capacity.
Full boarding
Seven nights a week during term time.
Weekly boarding 
Five nights a week (Monday-Friday)
Between two and four nights a week.
This option fulfils the twin aims of helping parents to juggle the various demands of family life and allowing children to experience the benefits of boarding for part of the week. We aim to be as flexible as possible within our available capacity. Flexi-boarders are treated as full boarders on their chosen boarding days, however, we cannot guarantee they will always be in the same room/bed.

Our Students