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Cardiff Sixth Form College

1-3 Trinity Court, 21-27 Newport Road, Cardiff


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Cardiff Airport

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Students considering applying for scholarship must do so at registration stage as scholarship, rather than entrance papers are taken. Please be advised these are of very high standard and are designed to be testing as we only offer a few scholarships each year. Please note that scholarships cannot be applied for after entrance examinations have been taken. DAY STUDENTS It is important to Cardiff Sixth Form College that no child with the ability to join Cardiff Sixth Form College misses out due to economic circumstances. We are proud to be able to offer a number of scholarship places for local students.  Scholarships are intended for the brightest students. We award scholarships on the basis of academic performance, work ethic and a candidate’s suitability to the College. Local Day Students are able to obtain a full 100% scholarship. To be eligible for the award, students need to have achieved 9A*s at GCSE/IGCSE level. Students with 8A*s are considered, but only for a lesser scholarship. Students with 6/7A*s will be considered as possible candidates for entry to the college, but are ineligible for any scholarship award.  Local students are very important to the aims and character of the college. We believe in a multi-cultural environment. Local students play a large role in contributing to our unique college atmosphere. Both local students and international students benefit from the opportunity to interact and learn from other highly dedicated and accomplished students. It brings out the best in everyone – including the College! Our local Day Students have very high success rates in gaining acceptance to demanding courses at top class Universities. We know they are capable of excelling. We believe this environment will help them achieve their greatest potential.  SCHOLARSHIP TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.Up to 100% scholarships available for day students, covering tuition fees only. 2.The maximum award given to international applicants is 50% - covering tuition fees only. In rare circumstances a higher award can be made but this is considered on an individual basis.  3.To be considered for a scholarship Day Students must obtain a minimum of 9 A* grades at GCSE (full courses) and be successful in an interview at the College. 4.To be considered for a 100% scholarship, Day Students must achieve straight A*s in all their full course GCSE subjects which they intend to study at A Level. 5.All exams must be sat in one sitting regardless of the value of the scholarship (except in exceptional circumstances as determined by CSFC). 6.International applicants will be judged individually, for up to 50% tuition fee scholarship, based on their national examination qualifications and their performance in the entrance tests. 7.Students are welcome to submit a portfolio of achievements for consideration. 8.All awards relate to tuition fees only. Boarding costs are not eligible for scholarship. 9.Scholarship application will only be considered during the initial application process, before the offer has been made. We will not consider a scholarship application after this point 10.All awards are made at the discretion of the Principal whose decision is considered to be final 11.Students must demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to their studies. 12.Cardiff Sixth Form College reserves the right to withdraw or reduce an award at any time if a student demonstrates lack of commitment. 13.Awards are only given for courses lasting a minimum of two years. 14.In the event of no candidates of sufficient merit being recognised, awards will not be made. 15.The range of subjects the student has studied will be taken into account. 16.The awarding of scholarships would be dependent on the choices of subjects at A-Level. 17.UK and EU students: if a value of a scholarship is 50% or more, the acceptance deposit reverts to an acceptance fee and is therefore non-refundable. 18.By accepting a scholarship award the student accepts the terms and conditions of the scholarship contract.  

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1-3 Trinity Court, 21-27 Newport Road, Cardiff

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44 29 2049 3121

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15 to 19

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Cardiff Sixth Form College

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