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Introduction to Concord College

Concord College is known as one of England’s elite international boarding schools. It is an institution where young individuals can excel academically, improve self-confidence and self-development whilst reaching their full potential as individuals.

Concord College’s safe and scenic rural location provides parents with the assurance that their children are within a perfect atmosphere to learn and grow into the best versions of themselves. It is a community that fosters a calm and friendly environment wherein trust and respect between staff and students is the standard. After a visit to the college you’ll have seen a plethora of happy smiling faces conducive to the friendly nature of the place.

Academic Excellence Track at Concord College

Concord College’s track record in academics is impeccable amongst UK boarding schools with students gaining high GCSE and A level performances year on year. Students at Concord College are destined for top universities not only in the UK but worldwide. Year after year, Concord ranks high in the UK school league tables. In 2013 it was rated as exceptional by UK’s Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISS) and the most recent A Level A+ and A* passes for the college were a staggering 85.38% putting Concord College at second in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Concord College Values

As one of the best UK boarding schools, Concord College takes a holistic approach to education whereby grades and self-development are of equal importance. Of course, grades are certainly one of the first things a future employer would initially look at and they are the key that opens the gates to desirable job prospects; but what pushes the students through the door is self-confidence, morality, good values, and self-worth. These are the attributes the college proudly develops in each student. Furthermore, children also taught valuable life skills such as communication, how to work as part of a team, empathy and time management which are vital to future success.

Life After Concord College

After excelling at Concord College and pursuing university & an outside life; this is not the end. Your child is now part of a wider community of alumni that spans the globe and whose influence is passed on from generation to generation. There are also regular events and meetups with alumni in various countries around the world.

‘Once a Concordian, always a Concordian’

Entrance Requirements: 

To apply to join Concord College students should submit the relevant application form which will automatically route to our Admissions Secretary. Students should also send copies of the ff: 1.Latest school reports for the past two years 2.Any other information that might be helpful (copies of certificates or references, etc.) 3.Copy of their passport These may be emailed as attachments to or sent to the College by fax to: (44) 1694 731389. Students can apply for entry to Concord at Form 3 (Year 9), Form 4 (Year 10) or to the Sixth Form (Year 12).  Both boarding and day students are welcome to apply at any stage. If you are planning to enter your child to Concord you should complete the relevant application form and send this with the registration fee and other supporting documents to the college. Your child will then be required to sit the UKiset assessments or tests at the college and attend an interview. All information will then be reviewed by the Principal or Head of Lower School before a decision will be made whether to offer a place. A visit at the school is recommended to have a tour and meet the Principal or the Head of Lower School. Tours can be arranged at your convenience and taster days can be organised for prospective students.

Scholarships & Bursaries: 

A number of Scholarships exist for the most able students.  The normal maximum scholarship available is a 10% reduction on the fee payable. Further details are available upon application.
Bursaries are available to assist parents on lower incomes who wish to send their child to the College. Should your financial status change while your child is at the college, bursaries may be availed as well. Bursaries are ‘means-tested’ and parents will be required to complete a detailed form in support of their application. Please apply to the College if you require further information regarding bursaries.

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Acton Burnell Hall, Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury SY5 7PF, UK

Boarding fees for the academic year 2018/19 are £13,300 per term (£39,900 per year) and are paid in two equal instalments of £19,950.
Day students can apply for entry to Form 3 (Year 9), Form 4 (Year 10) or the Sixth Form (Year 12).  Fees for the academic year 2018/19 are £14,280.

All accommodation for students selecting the English or Science, Maths and Economics course is on campus; students selecting the University preparation programme are accommodated in one of our off-campus boarding residences in the village of Acton Burnell.
We continue to invest in our accommodation for students with upgrades to existing boarding residences and a new boarding residence. Summer School use 11 of the on campus residences which are strictly all boys or all girls.
Bedrooms are single occupancy, comfortable and well furnished. We have a small number of double rooms available upon request. Each room is fully furnished with a single bed, wardrobe, study desk, chair and wash basin. Students have access to shared bathroom facilities with a maximum of four other students. Rooms for older students (generally 16+) are en suite benefiting from their own shower, wash basin and toilet. Each student bedroom has a security safe for personal possessions. The safes are large enough to store wallets, purses Each student will be responsible for their safe and room key. An electrical adaptor for use in the UK will be required for hair dryers, phone chargers, straighteners, irons etc.
Staff are fully residential, with female teachers living in the girls' buildings and male teachers living in the boys' buildings so students receive supervision and guidance at all times even during the night. Younger students benefit from a Matron who will be in the the day.
Students laundry is done once a week and returned the same day to boarding residences with all items washed, dried and ironed. Students are given laundry bags and a laundry slip by their house parent the night before their laundry day. Students are requested to leave their laundry bags in the designated areas in the morning before breakfast.
Students are expected to keep their rooms clean. Rooms are cleaned every weekday with bedding changed once a week. Common areas, bathrooms and showers are also cleaned during weekday, and once at weekends.

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