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Queen Ethelburga’s College Introduction

There is a multitude of opportunities available at Queen Ethelburga’s College allowing students to pursue their dreams and interests. There are four individual schools supported by their own head and team of staff in small numbers to maintain a family environment. This enables the staff to familiarize themselves with their students and provide guidance in their formative years. QE is a boarding school that believes in establishing productive and strong relationships amongst each other. Consistent positive evaluation results are proof of the efficacy of this approach, with both the Faculty and College known amongst the best schools in the UK.

Home Away from Home

Queen Ethelburga's College understands the need for all its community members to be satisfied and happy so that they may reach their utmost potential.
The boarding option is a good opportunity where students can flourish emotionally, socially, spiritually and morally. The staff is well-trained in making sure that the boarding atmosphere is conducive to learning. Boarders are assigned to a bedroom that has its own air-conditioning system, private en-suite and other items needed so that they may live comfortably and focus on learning. Boarders may access the welfare rooms and reflection room where they can get support from staff or mentors in a private and safe environment.

Academic Achievements

Queen Ethelburga's College, together with its staff and students, are celebrating another victorious year after the publishing of A Level and BTEC examination results nationally.
Students in this well renowned academic College achieved 81% A*/A, 96% A*-B at A-level and 97% D*/D in the small number of BTECs taken to enrich the A-level programmes (equivalent in university points to A* and A grades at A level). The Faculty, which offers a wider range of vocational, academic and creative courses, garnered a 64% A*/A, 91% A*-B at A-level and 64% D*/D in BTECs.

More than Academics

Apart from being an academically focused boarding school, Queen Ethelburga's College also puts great importance on having their students become caring, confident and strong individuals who are able to to take care of themselves and take control of their own learning. Opportunities are provided for the students to flourish and participate in various co-academic activities that are vital in developing the skills of collaboration, decision making, and leadership.
Students may join weekend trips by signing up for various fun-filled weekend activities that may include trips to the cinema or international weekend breaks. On campus, there are also various engaging activities that students may occupy their free time with. Queen Ethelburga's College has amazing sports facilities which leisure staff oversee so students can go to the gym, swim or practice for sports, a theatrical or aesthetic activity of their choice.

Entrance Requirements: 

Queen’s Kindergarten Queen’s Kindergarten accepts children from age of 3 months up to 3 years. Those who are first on the waiting list will be given priority when deciding which child can be admitted. The following considerations are also evaluated: • The ability of Queen’s Kindergarten to offer the facilities needed for the welfare of the aspirant. • The child’s effect on the existing class dynamics, children and staff if admitted • Full time applicants will be prioritized over part-time place applicants. • Entrants who has siblings attending the school. Chapter House Admission is between age of 3 up until the end of Year 5 and the child has to be toilet trained at the time of application. Parents and students are asked to attend an interview once they apply for a place. If possible, the child is asked to spend a day in school to familiarise themselves with the environment and routines, and at the same time provide the staff with an opportunity to assess the prospective student to ensure that the school is able to meet their social and academic needs. A reading test will be conducted for children in Years 1-3 and children in Years 4 and 5 have to complete a CAT4 assessment on their taster day. Those who are in the top 75% of the ability range will be recommended for admission. International students’ English capacity is tested using the Oxford Young Learners English Test and admission requires a score of 40+. Written reports from current school indicating the child’s current performance across a range of subjects and indicate the student’s approach to learning are required. King’s Magna, College and Faculty Admission to each of these schools is based on the following requirements: An interview with the Principal, Vice Principal, Head of the relevant school or other member of the Senior Leadership Team; may be done face to face or through Skype School reports from previous school One or more tests set by the Collegiate, including the CAT 4 test. Students are expected to be in the top 75% in each section for entry to King’s Magna and the Faculty, and in the top 40% in each section for admission to the College. International students are exempted in the Vocabulary Section as their ability in this area is tested in the Oxford English test or in IELTS or other external English test. 40+ for Year 6, 60+ entry to Year 7 and 66+ for Year 8 is the required score for International students in the Oxford Young Learners English test. For Year 9 entry, 53+ is the required score in the Oxford Online English Test. Year 8 and Year 9 has foundation courses who needs extra support with English and a score of 60+ (Young Learners) and 46+ (Oxford Online) is required to qualify. International students joining at Years 10 and 11 will have to get a score of 66+ in the Oxford Online English Test. A Year 11 preparation that required 60+ is the same test is also available. GCSE and IGCSE courses shall be followed by the students and shall ulfil the curriculum requirements of the English Baccalaureate. Sixth Form or Year 12 joiners should complete CAT4 tests. Students taking GCSEs are also expected to get A grades in subjects that they plan to study at A Level. A grade of 73+ in the Oxford Online English Test is requried for International Students.A report from previous school is needed.

Scholarships & Bursaries: 

Scholarships and bursary awards are provided to families annually. All awards are upon the discretion of the school.
QE Academic Scholarships recongise outstanding ability and are assessed individually
QE Sports scholarships are also assessed on an individual basis.
British Forces offers Forces families a reduction in fees because of its long standing history with the British Armed Forces.
Day Scholarships are for students living close the area covered by our School Bus service area.
Scholarships worth of up to £74,000 is given.

Awarded based on GCSE results
Minimum requirement for application:
(1) 9 Grade 8/9
DAY up to 100% Fees - BOARDING up to 100% Fees.
(2) 8 Grade 8/9 and 1 Grade 7
DAY up to 80% Fees - BOARDING up to 80% Fees.
(3) 7 Grade 8/9 and 2 Grade 7
DAY up to 60% Fees - BOARDING up to 40% Fees.
(4) 6 Grade 8/9 and 3 Grade 7
DAY up to 40% Fees - BOARDING up to 20% Fees.

Place in top 100: 


Queen Ethelburga's is located between London and Edinburgh. It is close to both the East Coast Railway and the A1M motorway giving easy access to both capital cities.
There is also a direct rail link from York to Manchester International Airport, and the school can arrange transport to / from Leeds-Bradford Airport and other local airports and railway stations on request.
By Air: Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.
By Train:
York to London is under 2 hours while going to Edinburgh is at 2 hours 25 minutes.
York is 3 hours 24 minutes away from Glasgow Airport and 55 minutes away to Newcastle. The location is an hour and 19 minutes from Manchester and an hour and 45 mins away from Manchester Airport. 
By Road:
QE is 10 minutes from A1M motorway and 35 minutes to York Station. Leeds is 40 minutes away from Leeds, an hour and25 minutes to Newcastle, 1 hour 25 minutes to Manchester, 2 hour 55 minutes to Glasgow Airport, 3 hours 55 minutes to Heathrow Airport, 3 hours 19 minutes to Edinburgh and 3 hours 40 minutes to London.

2018/19 FEES
Queen Ethelburga's College & Faculty
Year 10 (GCSE Y1)
Day - £5,305 termly / £1,592 monthly
Boarding - £12,295 termly / £3,689 monthly
Year 11 (GCSE Y2)
Day - £5,305 termly / £1,592 monthly
Boarding - £12,295 termly / £3,689 monthly
Year 12 (6th Form)
Day - £5,675 termly / £1,703 monthly
Boarding - £12,895 termly / £3,869 monthly
Year 13 (6th Form)
Day - £5,675 termly/£1,703 monthly
Boarding - £12,895 termly /£3,869 monthly

Genesis Centre Sixth Form Boarding is a boarding facility for Sixth Form Boarders. Facilities include:
Common rooms with homely suites that is furnished with dishwashers and kitchens
Computers and gaming consuls such as Playstation 3s
Washing and Ironing tools
Recreational devices such as DVD players, TVs and Video Players
2-3 students occupy each room and rooms are en-suite

Court Apartments Sixth Form Boarding is also an accommodation building for Sixth Form Boarders. Facilities include:
Comfortable suites suites and fully equipped kitchens with dishwashers.
Recreational equipment such as pool tables, Sony Playstation 3s and PCs.
Washing and Ironing machines
DVD players, televisions and Video Players.
2-3 students share a bedroom.

Benedict House Boys' Boarding is a boarding facility for boys. Facilities include:
Four lounges and fully equipped kitchens and dishwashers.
Recreational equipment such as pool tables, Sony Playstation 3s and PCs.
Facility for Ball play
Washing and Ironing machines
DVD players,televisions and Video Players.
Bedrooms have its own bathrooms and 2-4 boys occupy each room.

Abbey Chambers Girls' Boarding is a boarding facility exclusive for girl boarders. Facilities include:
Nine lounges with fully equipped kitchens with dishwashers
Multiple Sony Playstation 3s and PCs
Washing and Ironing machines
DVD players, televisions and Video Players.
Bedrooms have its own bathrooms and 2-4 girls occupy each room.

Greenacres Boys' Boardin is a boarding facility exclusive for boy boarders. Facilities include:
Four lounges and fully equipped kitchens and dishwashers.
Recreational equipment such as pool tables, Sony Playstation 3s and PCs.
Washing and Ironing machines
DVD players, televisions and Video Players.
Bedrooms have its own bathrooms and 2-4 girls occupy each room.

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